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IMPORTANT NOTICE from DEA: DEA is announcing that, effective immediately, DOD personal service contractors will be issued a new DEA registration number that beings with the letter "G". This new first character will be in addition to the current first characters A, B, F of the DEA registration for practitioners. The G series DEA registration number will be listed in the database provided to NTIS and available on the DEA web site validation query system.

Registrant type (first letter of DEA Number):

  • A/B/F/G - Hospital/Clinic/Practitioner/Teaching Institution/Pharmacy
  • M - Mid-Level Practitioner (NP/PA/OD/ET, etc)
  • P/R - Manufacturer/Distributor/Researcher/Analytical Lab/Importer/Exporter/Reverse Distributor/Narcotic Treatment Program
The following files are available for the current and previous months.

For your convenience, MD5 checksums for each file are listed below. These may be used to verify that you have successfully completed your download. In order to verify these checksums, you will need to obtain an MD5 sum generator. For your convenience, one is available through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. If the MD5 sum generated by the program does not match the one for the corresponding file below, please retry your download.

The files are now available in zipped format!

ASCII Formatted Versions
File Name Size Date (Y/M/D) Frequency Record Count MD5 Checksum

WA181015 419.9 MB 2018/10/15 Weekly 1789756 8f4836a3bff286f4434267a23c5004dd
WA181008 419.4 MB 2018/10/08 Weekly 1787598 20a83978a7afbbf16fcb2254fe06370c
WA181001 419.9 MB 2018/10/01 Weekly 1789632 ec74e0493f2fae832ffd22cdff19212e
WA180924 419.2 MB 2018/09/24 Weekly 1786632 1759dffa016a15cde016623278a6863e
WA180917 418.5 MB 2018/09/17 Weekly 1783846 1961ccf5d782b43c733606537ba042a4
WA180910 417.9 MB 2018/09/10 Weekly 1781436 421831413f845877cddd226888fa6436
WA180903 417.4 MB 2018/09/03 Weekly 1779332 866f44454da162aa45afc4afc5cea0f4
WA180827 417.9 MB 2018/08/27 Weekly 1781504 8bc9adecabb89472939a53f0923f26d0
WA180820 417.3 MB 2018/08/20 Weekly 1778909 09f8a4101f78e249a8cd1a5b89cd6122
WA180813 416.6 MB 2018/08/13 Weekly 1775829 5b36bcd5a355dc2f941b88af27c1dcb4
WA180806 415.9 MB 2018/08/06 Weekly 1772823 20916a08d7f31b342e25390c6e9eaf69
WA180730 416.3 MB 2018/07/30 Weekly 1774594 f6f1aa6edf0b64b03ced33a6d28d04dd
WA180723 415.5 MB 2018/07/23 Weekly 1771177 7ac4fc64cc8615818a117b988fe1964e
WA180716 414.8 MB 2018/07/16 Weekly 1768001 74592b383377f6cf4139970f145d9ffe
WA180709 414.1 MB 2018/07/09 Weekly 1765127 9f4d552a134765618d260b9297ef19df
WA180702 413.6 MB 2018/07/02 Weekly 1762932 854ceb10c58fa414fdc55da7e4e4a801
WA180625 414.4 MB 2018/06/25 Weekly 1766535 b77bd3ddd5981bad2f8081e36f6f4cbe
WA180618 413.8 MB 2018/06/18 Weekly 1763702 f9b590ecaa98a0338e02dd3ff3239702