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IMPORTANT NOTICE from DEA: DEA is announcing that, effective immediately, DOD personal service contractors will be issued a new DEA registration number that beings with the letter "G". This new first character will be in addition to the current first characters A, B, F of the DEA registration for practitioners. The G series DEA registration number will be listed in the database provided to NTIS and available on the DEA web site validation query system.

Registrant type (first letter of DEA Number):

  • A/B/F/G - Hospital/Clinic/Practitioner/Teaching Institution/Pharmacy
  • M - Mid-Level Practitioner (NP/PA/OD/ET, etc)
  • P/R - Manufacturer/Distributor/Researcher/Analytical Lab/Importer/Exporter/Reverse Distributor/Narcotic Treatment Program
The following files are available for the current and previous months.

For your convenience, MD5 checksums for each file are listed below. These may be used to verify that you have successfully completed your download. In order to verify these checksums, you will need to obtain an MD5 sum generator. For your convenience, one is available through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. If the MD5 sum generated by the program does not match the one for the corresponding file below, please retry your download.

The files are now available in zipped format!

ASCII Formatted Versions
File Name Size Date (Y/M/D) Frequency Record Count MD5 Checksum

WA200120 437.1 MB 2020/01/20 Weekly 1863269 c9cae4c3cc721b5b2b1f9ca9e3c71394
WA200113 436.6 MB 2020/01/13 Weekly 1861151 f1765a45b2c85bb3bae5b4d1af94c94b
WA200106 436.0 MB 2020/01/06 Weekly 1858640 fc134a4acfa4352e0cfd9b99dfdc22cf
WA191230 436.4 MB 2019/12/30 Weekly 1860165 625b883b4e477210946814940ba03d94
WA191223 436.2 MB 2019/12/23 Weekly 1859509 d6b66d814b2a83c2c06c0467d944f3cd
WA191216 435.8 MB 2019/12/16 Weekly 1857745 ff410cc283b83f6cc19ef8654708da85
WA191209 435.4 MB 2019/12/09 Weekly 1855744 77e2e58443b592e769c2de104cf76428
WA191202 434.9 MB 2019/12/02 Weekly 1853710 f221d9308dea8b009e728ee91ef8a677
WA191125 435.9 MB 2019/11/25 Weekly 1857991 5275d01e31f01c278ff305cac570c34a
WA191118 435.3 MB 2019/11/18 Weekly 1855679 4ec86aac204f45e68a15836d4d2218df
WA191111 434.9 MB 2019/11/11 Weekly 1853599 cd70cc7302e634d5bf7d803c89728013
WA191104 434.4 MB 2019/11/04 Weekly 1851476 c8449ab6a2ef7c90320bfc954c21cb6a
WA191028 435.1 MB 2019/10/28 Weekly 1854678 3707fb1d3705b03ae5b9ead4b326eec3
WA191021 434.5 MB 2019/10/21 Weekly 1852087 8ebc2253ebbf6f9c862e172943787d62
WA191014 434.0 MB 2019/10/14 Weekly 1849726 70272a9cae86e8895986bcd0f731e223
WA191007 433.3 MB 2019/10/07 Weekly 1846811 55bb45be38bcd4c616888ac8393883b2
WA190930 433.8 MB 2019/09/30 Weekly 1849288 2c09d53daef6ef2dd0a7e20aa3c18880
WA190923 433.2 MB 2019/09/23 Weekly 1846371 7cd2cd7b6f98749ff377d10c2dcbeea5