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The following is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question about the site, please review the following list of questions before contacting us for assistance.

Q: When I attempt to download a file, it opens in my web browser
A: Using your mouse, right-click on the file and select "Save File As" or "Save Link As".

Q: Why am I sometimes prompted for a password and other times not?
A: Access restrictions are "cached" by your browser. Once you have successfully entered your user name and password, you will *generally* be allowed access to all sections you have been granted access without further authentication until you close your browser. Additionally, some browsers such as Netscape 6 may allow you to save your user name and password for future access.

Q: How do I automate my system to download the new files?
A: The method for automating your system will vary depending on your operating system and the tools and programs available to you. Check with your agency or company's system administrator for assistance.

Q: When I attempt to download some files, the download stops at 12.4MB.
A: If you are using AOL or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, your version of Internet Explorer may not allow you to download files that exceed 12.4MB. If you are having problems downloading large files, please upgrade your browser.

Q: What are some issues that could occur with compressed files?
A: There are several issues that could occur with compressed files.

  • Not all compression formats are supported on all systems. This is particularly important for many of our customers who are using older mainframe systems which do not support the standard compression programs.
  • Those who have the slowest connections (such as a 56Kbps modem) will actually benefit the least from some compression programs. This is because the 56Kbps V.90 modem standard compresses ASCII text when downloading, thus compression is done on-the-fly.

Q: What is an MD5 checksum, and how do I verify it?
A: MD5 checksums are a method for verifying the file you downloaded is an exact copy of the original. Any changes to a file will result in a different MD5 checksum. These can be verified using an MD5 sum generator. There are MD5 sum generators available for most operating systems, including:

In addition, the source code, which can be compiled for almost any operating system, is available Here