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IMPORTANT NOTICE from DEA: DEA is announcing that, effective immediately, DOD personal service contractors will be issued a new DEA registration number that beings with the letter "G". This new first character will be in addition to the current first characters A, B, F of the DEA registration for practitioners. The G series DEA registration number will be listed in the database provided to NTIS and available on the DEA web site validation query system.

Registrant type (first letter of DEA Number):

  • A/B/F/G - Hospital/Clinic/Practitioner/Teaching Institution/Pharmacy
  • M - Mid-Level Practitioner (NP/PA/OD/ET, etc)
  • P/R - Manufacturer/Distributor/Researcher/Analytical Lab/Importer/Exporter/Reverse Distributor/Narcotic Treatment Program
The following files are available for the current and previous months.

For your convenience, MD5 checksums for each file are listed below. These may be used to verify that you have successfully completed your download. In order to verify these checksums, you will need to obtain an MD5 sum generator. For your convenience, one is available through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. If the MD5 sum generated by the program does not match the one for the corresponding file below, please retry your download.

The files are now available in zipped format!

ASCII Formatted Versions
File Name Size Date (Y/M/D) Frequency Record Count MD5 Checksum

DA200918 446.2 MB 2020/09/18 Daily 1902053 80e476de73d80ffd5b3570818750f68c
DA200917 446.1 MB 2020/09/17 Daily 1901579 8c4572be9e4e930433e7e10dabae20fb
DA200916 446.0 MB 2020/09/16 Daily 1901029 7630d793de48b73797bc498eb4e9dd60
DA200915 445.9 MB 2020/09/15 Daily 1900479 aabbbd2f3c57cd52dc4ce20f11ccde75
DA200914 445.7 MB 2020/09/14 Daily 1899878 a63af51f5d9032a4b0689808d7692957
DA200911 445.6 MB 2020/09/11 Daily 1899188 f8de9d3c9840f707b75d5cd226eb64a0
DA200910 445.4 MB 2020/09/10 Daily 1898327 8badf0f7aab7ac6ab1089787454bb896
DA200909 445.2 MB 2020/09/09 Daily 1897877 a26eb619400a2da7c8be7061a7ad0269
DA200908 445.2 MB 2020/09/08 Daily 1897572 42ee634a1f25798f2725d1fb323a172b
DA200907 445.2 MB 2020/09/07 Daily 1897562 7da30a20b5a7a2ec4ecf4e5cdae4c2c3
DA200904 445.1 MB 2020/09/04 Daily 1897267 095b2d6017aa3ab14b75a7557767bbfe
DA200903 445.0 MB 2020/09/03 Daily 1896961 6a1bbedfa4dfeb25a2dd1cee71923d1b
DA200902 445.0 MB 2020/09/02 Daily 1896633 2b553e814ccf5234eee162bf215ee535
DA200901 444.8 MB 2020/09/01 Daily 1896082 09943e2cda8a2634a780e1b0086ab311
DA200831 446.1 MB 2020/08/31 Daily 1901452 c000636607babdcce874dffa1438ff6d
DA200828 446.0 MB 2020/08/28 Daily 1900995 7ae1b256645e17676b7030936450666d
DA200827 445.9 MB 2020/08/27 Daily 1900446 2a0f33884f6f473fc1610e486724b666
DA200826 445.7 MB 2020/08/26 Daily 1899892 9e5dd67ac29a891357333a0aa875b988
DA200825 445.6 MB 2020/08/25 Daily 1899398 09da0624a697e82f2da1434166822c8e
DA200824 445.5 MB 2020/08/24 Daily 1898917 bf61c4b7a56312f96d403311f917d826
DA200821 445.4 MB 2020/08/21 Daily 1898474 fd62e6a546e9e1f32f39154c2d282c93
DA200820 445.2 MB 2020/08/20 Daily 1897814 38873cff3ba8e5428176dd626b332931
DA200819 445.1 MB 2020/08/19 Daily 1897232 4c700b919474fea7c2e902341910511d
DA200818 445.0 MB 2020/08/18 Daily 1896641 9f9b647750bd3a409bdb4b4e77a550b3
DA200817 444.8 MB 2020/08/17 Daily 1896126 db2d45d8ff10f5dc796019425533c9fc