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IMPORTANT NOTICE from DEA: DEA is announcing that, effective immediately, DOD personal service contractors will be issued a new DEA registration number that beings with the letter "G". This new first character will be in addition to the current first characters A, B, F of the DEA registration for practitioners. The G series DEA registration number will be listed in the database provided to NTIS and available on the DEA web site validation query system.

Registrant type (first letter of DEA Number):

  • A/B/F/G - Hospital/Clinic/Practitioner/Teaching Institution/Pharmacy
  • M - Mid-Level Practitioner (NP/PA/OD/ET, etc)
  • P/R - Manufacturer/Distributor/Researcher/Analytical Lab/Importer/Exporter/Reverse Distributor/Narcotic Treatment Program
The following files are available for the current and previous months.

For your convenience, MD5 checksums for each file are listed below. These may be used to verify that you have successfully completed your download. In order to verify these checksums, you will need to obtain an MD5 sum generator. For your convenience, one is available through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. If the MD5 sum generated by the program does not match the one for the corresponding file below, please retry your download.

The files are now available in zipped format!

ASCII Formatted Versions
File Name Size Date (Y/M/D) Frequency Record Count MD5 Checksum

DA200529 440.9 MB 2020/05/29 Daily 1879334 f78a02b09fe5157e6a117646aee6da8c
DA200528 440.8 MB 2020/05/28 Daily 1878775 4b1a39279aa4f09bdf8ebd5562d14195
DA200527 440.6 MB 2020/05/27 Daily 1878117 cd95ac334672e9b7a77ba1c989f5f31c
DA200526 440.4 MB 2020/05/26 Daily 1877042 1911ac2e91136a4c4287a68d3e1c3b18
DA200525 440.3 MB 2020/05/25 Daily 1876969 6e32f7b358bc93ce4ce1bb6acfd03c28
DA200522 440.3 MB 2020/05/22 Daily 1876833 370d83b54458575c570165933ae4e909
DA200521 440.3 MB 2020/05/21 Daily 1876664 ea42b56343cc104336f6770efa081840
DA200519 440.1 MB 2020/05/19 Daily 1875925 14845f71fa1f5017f93138a58988f316
DA200518 440.0 MB 2020/05/18 Daily 1875385 7e8326bf5ec4ef276633e2c9888d0832
DA200515 439.9 MB 2020/05/15 Daily 1874946 7de46898d14c4697dc0b17abaf1e2d5a
DA200514 439.7 MB 2020/05/14 Daily 1874429 7f328fd93a3c206b6f5f9c8feb14e625
DA200513 439.7 MB 2020/05/13 Daily 1874030 4a83c34dfa099d0d3e998c6176fe4953
DA200512 439.5 MB 2020/05/12 Daily 1873522 ab3ad490c1e4def892b21917974e4966
DA200511 439.4 MB 2020/05/11 Daily 1873027 e363e226a96983558bd6b78899753299
DA200508 439.3 MB 2020/05/08 Daily 1872559 56577f210f3e5c1c0e38a3c5cbbaae2c
DA200507 439.2 MB 2020/05/07 Daily 1871908 7146edb090508e7b42515d5d3e1d6046
DA200506 439.1 MB 2020/05/06 Daily 1871767 791f71ed49603f88d72cf90e8efd9f95
DA200505 439.0 MB 2020/05/05 Daily 1871295 24a7851923d1c393319c3edd71993a13
DA200504 438.9 MB 2020/05/04 Daily 1870875 c1f77be74c6ee7d65511e2d223a45b09
DA200501 438.8 MB 2020/05/01 Daily 1870481 a8f93969a1d28b9df97e484635a0bed1
DA200430 440.4 MB 2020/04/30 Daily 1877300 a300b8d51b0a8981488f04afe4c321be
DA200429 440.3 MB 2020/04/29 Daily 1876850 2949e2c0a5b2fab6352d88dc21f9685b
DA200428 440.2 MB 2020/04/28 Daily 1876408 164fe2e292d4d724be5414e4c0fe87a3
DA200427 438.3 MB 2020/04/27 Daily 1875892 cbe49f963ca118cdc719825a6b98949b